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2020 Military Strength Ranking
Command Lua Documentation
Command Modern Air Naval Operations : LUA Code Repository #1 - The Strategy Gamer
Command series Downloads : Warfare Sims
Commandops CMANO Stuff
Download Very High Resolution Georeferenced Satellite Image - YouTube
Downloads - DB Browser for SQLite
Easiest Method to Download and Georeference Google Earth Image - YouTube
List of airports in the Spratly Islands - Wikipedia
lua-users wiki: Functions Tutorial
Matrix Games
Military | Google Earth Community Forums
OLD - Command Lua Documentation
Quick Installation -- Some important notes | Hazegray
Ron Cole: Tanks & Fighting Vehicles - Cole's Aircraft
Sound Surveillance System (SOSUS): The “Fish Hook” That Catches Chinese Submarines – Global Defense Corp
Submarine Matters: Possible SOSUS & RAP/FDS Arrays, Western Pacific - Indian Ocean


Guided_Missile_Frigate_FFGX_Capabilities_2019.png (1373×1061)
Navy Matters: Roles - The Frigate
Report to Congress on Constellation-class Frigate Program (FFG-62) - USNI News
U.S. Naval Institute Blog

French Navy

French Navy - Wikipedia
List of active French Navy ships - Wikipedia

German Navy

German Navy - Wikipedia

Hot Spot Conflicts

Territorial Disputes in the South China Sea | Global Conflict Tracker
Why Armenia and Azerbaijan Are on the Brink of War | Foreign Affairs

Indian Navy

Indian Navy - Wikipedia
Indian Navy | Military Wiki | Fandom
List of active Indian Navy ships - Wikipedia
Official website of Indian Navy

Indonesian Navy

Indonesian Navy - Wikipedia

Islamic Republic of Iran Navy

Iranian Naval and Maritime Strategy | Institute for the Study of War
Iranian Navy
Islamic Republic of Iran Navy - Wikipedia
List of current ships of the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy - Wikipedia

Israel Defense Forces

Israel Defense Forces - Wikipedia
Israeli Air Force - Wikipedia
How Would Israel Attack Iran? » Wavell Room Short Read

Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force

Japan and US enclose Chinese coast within sensor net | The Saturday Paper
Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force
Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force - Wikipedia

Korean People's Navy

Korean People's Navy - Wikipedia
List of active ships of the Korean People's Navy - Wikipedia

Kwajalein Atoll - Radar Installations

Kwajalein Atoll - Radar Installations
SMDC History: MAR milestone demonstrates radar capabilities | Article | The United States Army
Space Fence on Kwajalein will allow Air Force to monitor debris, threats - Pacific - Stripes

Marina Militare (Italy)

Italian Navy - Wikipedia

People's Liberation Army Navy

A Shaky Case for Chinese Deception - War on the Rocks
Deception Is the Chinese Way of War | Proceedings - February 2017 Vol. 143/2/1,368
Myanmar - Navy Bases
People's Liberation Army Air Force - Wikipedia
People's Liberation Army Navy - Wikipedia
PLA Air Defence Radars
The Chinese maritime surveillance system –
Why Did China’s Navy Gain Use of a Malaysia Port Near the South China Sea? – The Diplomat

Philippine Navy

Philippine Navy - Wikipedia

Republic of China Navy (Taiwan)

Republic of China Navy - Wikipedia

Republic of Korea Navy (South Korea)

Republic of Korea Navy - Wikipedia

Royal Australian Navy

Royal Australian Navy - Wikipedia

Royal Cambodian Navy

cambodian Navy - Bing

Royal Malaysian Navy

Royal Malaysian Navy - Wikipedia

Royal Navy (UK)

Home | Royal Navy
Royal Navy - Wikipedia
Royal Navy | Military Wiki | Fandom

Royal Norwegian Navy

Royal Norwegian Navy - Wikipedia

Royal Thai Navy

Royal Thai Navy - Wikipedia

Russian Navy

Russian Navy - Wikipedia
List of active Russian Navy ships - Wikipedia
Russian Navy

US Navy

4th Fleet U.S. Naval Forces Southern Command
5th Fleet
6th Fleet
About Us | Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet
Military Sealift Command
Naval Special Warfare Command
U.S. Navy - Pacific Theater Ships
U.S. Navy Hosting

Vietnam People's Navy

Vietnam People's Navy - Wikipedia

World Navies

Let's Sea The 10 Biggest Navies In The World | TheRichest
Military Wiki | Fandom
'Distributed Lethality' | Proceedings - January 2015 Vol. 141/1/1,343


Extras vs Jane's
Seaforces Online - Naval Information
Navy Matters
Submarine Cable Map
H I Sutton - Covert Shores