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The Kill Chain | Command Modern Operations | Disrupting The Kill Chain

"You Can't shoot what you can't find", if you have been following my channel for any length of time you have heard me say this over and over.

Many of you instinctively know you must disrupt the Kill Chain in order to preserve your forces. You may not have referred to it in that way, but that's what you have been doing. If you didn't know, after watching this you will know, that in order to survive even in a basic scenario, you must disrupt the kill chain. Regardless of what scenario, game or situation you find yourself in this is critical to your survival. 9:30 Tactical Nugget 11:50 Tactical Nugget 16:20 Tactical Nugget

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Video Length (HH:MM:SS): 00:18:38
Date Added: 8/1/2020
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